Mindful Leadership Program

Mindful Leadership Vietnam, a member of PACE Institute of Management (PACE-MLV), focuses on
providing people, teams, and organizations in Vietnam with programs and activities related to mindfulness
in order to help develop their leadership, performance, and quality of life.

Training Program

Mindful Leadership Program (MLP)

Studies show that employee engagement as well as "Happiness-At-Work Culture” are decisive factors for the success of an organization; and the awareness and behavior of leaders are the most important factors in creating those things.  

However, according to Gallup's survey in 2016, 87% of the global workforce are disengaged; and 82% of employees see their leaders as fundamentally uninspiring. All those things happen despite the fact that organizations aroud the globe invest approximately $46 bilion annually on leadership development programs (according to Deloitte's report in 2015). 

This shows that most leadership development programs have not reached the root of the problem. Peter Drucker, who is considered the Father of Management theory, once said: "You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first." Most leadership training programs focus on managing external things, such as people management, strategic management, or financial management. All of these are important, but not enough to create employee engagement and happiness. In order to those things, as Peter Drucker said, leaders need to start with themselves, and specifically learn to manage their own minds. 

Based on the research of Havard Business Review over two years on over 35,000 leaders from thousands of companies in more than 100 countries as well as the latest research on neuroscience and behavioral psychology, and especially based on four of the world's most prominent current books on Mindful Leadership that PACE-MLV has taken the copyright, translated abd published exclusively in Vietnam: (1) The Mindful Leader written by Michael Bunting; (2) Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader by Marc Lesser; (3) The Mind of Leader by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter; (4) Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn, the Mindful Leadership program (MLP) was born to help leaders know how to manage thier own mind and develop their leadership capacity through 5 Critical Practices of Mindful Leadership, which are: 

Mindful Leadership Program - 5 Critical Practices of Mindful Leadership



After successfully completing the program, participants will know how to:

  • Mindful Leadership Program - Manage their attention in a distracted world

    Manage their attention 
    in a distracted world

  • Mindful Leadership Program - Reduce unnecessary stress in a pressure life

    Reduce unnecessary stress
    in a pressure life

  • Mindful Leadership Program - Manage their ego - the biggest barrier for effective leadership

    Manage their ego - the biggest
    barrier for effective leadership

  • Mindful Leadership Program - Develop kindness and compassion for themselves and others

    Develop kindness and
    compassion for themselves
    and others

  • Mindful Leadership Program - Create an effective, healthy, and happy work environment

    Create an effective, healthy,
     and happy work environment




Starting date: 30/03/2024
Schedule: Saturday, Sunday
Time: 08:30 - 11:30 & 13:30 - 16:30
Tuition: 5.500.000 VND
Discounted Fee: 5.000.000 VND (Paid a week in advance)

For further imformation regarding special rates and any inquiries,
please contact the Consulting and Training Department of PACE-MLV at (028) 3837 0208


Part I Leadership Challenge
Thách thức của thời đại: Thế giới VUCA;
Khủng hoảng cá nhân & khủng hoảng lãnh đạo;
Chân dung nhà lãnh đạo MSC.
  • Challenges in the VUCA world and the PAID reality;
  • Individual crisis & leadership crisis;
  • The “blindspot” of managers;
  •  Portrait of a mindful leader.
Part II5 Practices of Mindful Leadership
Thách thức của thời đại: Thế giới VUCA;
Khủng hoảng cá nhân & khủng hoảng lãnh đạo;
Chân dung nhà lãnh đạo MSC.

Practice 1: Cultivate mindfulness

  • Being mindful - the foundation of effectiveness and happiness at work;
  • Mindfulness: Definition and neuroscience;
  • Some practices to cultivate mindfulness;
  • The stages of developing mindfulness.

Practice 2: Manage your ego

  • The harm of ego in leadership;
  • Manage your ego when being triggered;
  • Cultivate “beginner’s mind”;
  • To pull by being a role model, not to push by using authority.

Practice 3: Lead with Mindful Vision and Values

  • Being mindful in doing business;
  • Understand people’s motivation;
  • Discover the compass and review it often;
  • Bring values to life.

 Practice 4: Lead from the heart with compassion

  • Compassion is a competitive advantage;
  • Nurture others with love;
  • Nonviolent communication;
  • Express appreciation and gratitude.

Practice 5: Create “Happiness-At-Work Culture”

  • Mindful leadership;
  • Mindful living;
  • Mindful working;
  • Happiness culture from mindfulness.              



Part III Summary & Application Plan


Training programs at PACE-MLV can be delivered in either of the following options:

  • Public Workshop: A special learning experience for individuals or groups from different companies. Workshops are offered on a fixed schedule and a suitable location by PACE-MLV or LiveLearning.
  • In-house Workshop: Exclusive training for your organization with standard content (Standard Program). Or exclusive training for your organization with tailored content to fit your needs (Customized Program). Please contact us via tel: (028) 3837.0208 or email MLV@PACE.edu.vn.
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