Mindful Leadership Program

Mindful Leadership Vietnam, a member of PACE Institute of Management (PACE-MLV), focuses on
providing people, teams, and organizations in Vietnam with programs and activities related to mindfulness
in order to help develop their leadership, performance, and quality of life.

Training Program

Mindful Leadership Program (MLP)

Based on the research of Harvard Business Review over two years on over 35,000 leaders from thousands of companies in more than 100 countries as well as the latest research on neuroscience and behavioral psychology, and especially based on five of the world's most prominent current books on Mindful Leadership that PACE-MLV has taken the copyright, translated and published exclusively in Vietnam: (1) The Mindful Leader written by Michael Bunting; (2) Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader by Marc Lesser; (3) The Mind of Leader by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter; (4) Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn; and (5) Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body by Richard Davidson and Daniel Goleman, the Mindful Leadership Program (MLP) was born to help leaders know how to develop their mindful leadership capacity through 4 aspects:

Mindful Leadership Program - 5 Critical Practices of Mindful Leadership



  • After completing the program successfully, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of Mindful Leadership in today’s world;
  • Understand the portrait of a Mindful Leader;
  • Know how to develop their mindful leadership capacity through 4 aspects:
  1.  Sống Tỉnh thức

    Mindful Living

  2. Làm Tỉnh thức

    Mindful Working

  3. Mindful Leadership Program - Quản lý cái tôi của bản thân rào cản lớn nhất để lãnh đạo hiệu quả

    Mindful Leading

  4. Mindful Leadership Program - Phát triển tình yêu thương và lòng trắc ẩn cho bản thân và người khác

    Mindful Culture


For further imformation regarding special rates and any inquiries,
please contact the Consulting and Training Department of PACE-MLV at (028) 3837 0208


Part I Overview of Mindful Leadership
  • The challenges in today’s world;
  • The role of mindfulness in success & happiness;
  • Overview of Mindful Meditation and Mindful Living;

  • The portrait and role of a Mindful Leader;
Part II Mindful Living

Practicing mindfulness:

  • Understand mindfulness; 
  • The science of mindfulness; 
  • Mindfulness tools to apply in daily life.

Establishing Mindful Values for yourself:

  • What are Mindful Values? 
  • The importance of Mindful Values; 
  • How to establish Mindful Values for yourself.
Part IIIMindful Working

Choosing a Mindful Way to Work:

  • Mindful working attitude;
  • Mindful working mindset;
  • Happiness at work.

Mindful Collaboration:

  • The importance of collaboration;
  • The levels of collaboration;
  • Happiness & success with others.
Part IV Mindful Leading

Establishing Mindful Vision for your team and organization:

  • What is Mindful Vision?; 
  • The importance of Mindful Vision;
  • How to establish Mindful Vision for your team and organization.


Mindful Influence:

  • Modeling instead of forcing;
  • Connecting with compassion;
  • Helping employees grow.
Part V Mindful Culture
  • Culture and its role in organizations and teams;
  • What is Mindful Culture?;
  • How to build Mindful Culture for your team and organization.
Part VI Program Summary


Training programs at PACE-MLV can be delivered in either of the following options:

Public Workshop:

  • Workshops are offered on a fixed schedule and a suitable location by PACE-MLV or LiveLearning.
  • A special learning experience for individuals or groups from different companies

In-house Workshop:

  • Standard Program: Exclusive training for your organization with standard content.
  • Customized Program: Exclusive training for your organization with tailored content to fit your needs.

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