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Mindful Leadership Vietnam, a member of PACE Institute of Management (PACE-MLV), focuses on providing people, teams, and organizations in Vietnam with programs and activities related to mindfulness* in order to help develop their leadership, performance, and quality of life.

(*) Mindfulness means being aware of the present moment with an open mind and a kind heart" - PACE-MLV

Mindfulness practices have been proven to be an effective way of being and bringing about numerous benefits, helping people to be peaceful and lucid in body-mind-heart, improve health, and develop their own leadership.

“Mindfulness journey” at PACE-MLV

“Mindful Journey” Model Created by PACE-MLV”


Mindful Leadership Vietnam (PACE-MLV) focuses on delivering programs and activities related to mindfulness and mindful leadership, including:

  • Search Inside Yourself (SIY): The renowned mindful leadership program with the foundation of neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Born and developed inside Google. Nowadays, SIY program is managed and organized by the (SIY Global. PACE-MLV is the exclusive partner organization of SIY Global to deliver the Search Inside Yourself program in Vietnam. 
  • - Các buổi đối thoại (Talk) với chủ đề mindfulness và lãnh đạo.
    - Xem và thảo luận những cuốn sách, bộ phim về chủ đề     mindfulness và lãnh đạo. 
    - Các hoạt động outdoor về mindfulness.
    - Các buổi thực hành thiền chung. 
    Activities of Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership: 
    1. Mindfulness Programs and Mindful Leadership Programs
    2. Book Discussions on Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership
    3. Mindfulness Outdoor Activities
    4. Group Mindfulness Meditation  
  • Resources: Insightful articles, videos and tools about mindfulness and leadership development. 
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