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Being a human manager is something that we should all embrace. It’s not about holding hands and singing kumbuyah and being “soft and fluffy” however rather genuine, caring, firm but fair and open to the possibility that great results will occur when we do the simple things well, writes Mark LeBusque Now is the time to lead boldly and move from the technical to the human approach. From some hollow words to real action, talking the talk to walking the walk. You have been given a choice right now. That choice is to discover a more human way to operate. A more human side of yourself that you have locked up and thrown away the key to.



If you are to make a conscious shift to becoming a truly “Human Manager” try adding any of the following to your current way of looking after those under your care:

  1. Be truly present when interacting with work colleagues; particularly your direct reports. No phones or laptop tapping will cut it right now.
  2. Take a genuine interest in what they do outside of work.
  3. Be open to saying, “I don’t know the answer right now.”
  4. Find 30-60 minutes a week to engage in social chit-chat with your entire team (keep it non-task related).
  5. Ask a team member for help or some advice on a challenge you are facing.
  6. Offer a team member some advice on a challenge they are facing, work or personal related.
  7. Recognize great individual and team results and milestones specifically in a timely manner.
  8. Take a team member out for a virtual coffee without scheduling it two weeks in advance in the diary. Be more creative and open to the idea of “winging it” and “living in the moment”.
  9. Keep your commitments to regular coaching times with your employees. Personal development is still essential in these times.
  10. Ask them what they enjoyed at work and achieved outside of work – flip it around.

Right now, your people, business, family, and community will benefit from adding more human to your leadership style.

Source: InsideHR


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