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Leaders are often regarded for their firm ideals, strong personality, and the ability to make deep, strategic decisions. But apart from all of these, the most important characteristics of a leader is not how well they can control those around them or how many deals they can close; instead, the marks of a true leader are how they treat those around them. A true leader is a guiding light for their employees by showing them unwavering kindness and being compassionate with them, regardless of their situations. Let’s take a closer look at what compassionate leadership looks like. 

They Are Observant

Compassion is often characterized by the ability to notice other’s suffering and act upon it. Therefore, in order to be a compassionate leader, one must be able to see shifts in their employee’s moods and take action. Leaders who show compassion ask questions like, “I’ve noticed you have been a little off lately,” or “how can I help you succeed today”. They are aware of the character of their employees and are observant enough to take notice when they change. 

They Are Constantly Learning

A successful leader is able to make mistakes. And when they do, they are able to learn from them. This process of making and learning from mistakes helps breed compassion within them that they can harness when an employee makes a similar mistake. Another aspect of their ever-ongoing education is that they are willing to learn from the people around them. Compassionate leadership is characterized by recognizing someone else’s strengths and learning from them; not being prideful and thinking that you are already perfect. 

They Are Involved

Compassionate leaders do not expect their employees to live in the trenches alone. Instead, you will find them in there with them. These leaders come alongside their employees and help them face whatever obstacles they are up against at the moment. They do not shy away from tough conversations but instead approach them with dignity. Leaders who are truly compassionate will not leave someone to fend for themselves; they will use every opportunity to help others and teach valuable lessons. 

Compassionate leaders are vital to the success of a company. It is time to throw away the ideas that a leader needs to be tough and stern. While qualities such as strength and resilience are important, it is even more crucial that you are able to be there for your employees through a myriad of life and work situations. Compassionate leaders are there for those around them. 

 Source Thriveglobal.com



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