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LiveLearning is a new learning method implemented by PACE Institute of Management & Mindful Leadership Vietnam to bring new experiences in learning and practicing, ensuring that it is suitable for the current context and at the same time bring full spiritual value and vivid learning forms for participants.

FlightSafety International - LiveLearning

This learning form will be applied from May 2020 by PACE-MLV, starting with course Mindful Leadership Program. This new learning form promises to bring students the following positive benefits:

  • Safe for yourself during the epidemic season, avoid crowded places 

In response to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the media, together highlighting the slogan "Stay at home", businesses as well as schools organize distance learning classes and models. The model fits perfectly in the peak season, when your health is first to concern.  

Working remotely has many benefits, including the amount of free time people have. So the investment for intelligence but still keep yourself safe, not much contact with society, not much contact with the crowd. Ensuring your health and safety means keeping your family and society safe.

  • Live interaction with teachers and classmates via software, even just sitting at home

LiveLearning is based on 4.0 technology which gives students the same experience as a regular classroom. Students will interact with the teacher, with other students, even just sitting at home. The learning environment and lively learning styles will bring excitement to learners.

  • Safe your budget

In addition to preferential tuition fees, the LiveLearning course also offers many practical benefits that can be saved such as saving time and travel expenses for students. We can choose as comfortable a space as possible and sit through each mindful lesson. In particular, the LiveLearning way of learning brings learning opportunities to all students far and near the country without having to travel.  

  • Ensure quality of learning, networking/networking and vitality of the classroom

Students can still interact with teachers and classmates. Acquire new knowledge and practice practice.


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